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Business Visa

We ensure a smooth visa experience by sharing our professional knowledge with the students, from planning to applying, even after reaching their destination.

Best Experiences about Business Abroad:

General Requirements for all Categories:

  • 1. Filled-in online application Form


    2. Photographs (Size 45x35mm and recent one); 02 copies (Photo is mandatory with white background )

    3. Valid Passport

    4. Payment receipt of Visa fee (No fee is required for Indian citizen). For countries (other than India) Visa fee is applicable.

    5. Old Passport required if any

While filling in online, we suggest that you have the following information on hand

  • 1. Valid Passport

    2. 45x35mm digital photo in jpeg format, maximum size is 300kb

    3. Address in Bangladesh (should consist details of Village, Post Office, Police Station, District, Pincode, City and Country)

    4. Email Address


  • Leaving own comfort zone, students need to prepare them for the challenges. People from different nation push a student to be diversified in their life.

Who are eligible

  • Businessman / business representative

Arrival / travel purpose

  • Business

Essential Documents to issue

  • All documents for Tourist Visa.

    Investment / business certificate issued by the recognized trade association of the country concerned/ local (Bangladesh) sponsor’s recommendation and document regarding the authenticity of his business.

Essential Documents to extend

  • Business certificate/trade license, tax certificate, recommendations of local sponsor, and favorable police report.